What We Do

Boca Capital Group creates wealth for its clients by purchasing and developing Real Estate, investing in Small Businesses, and providing Management Consulting Services. Through our three pillars of excellence, we help entrepreneurs and small businesses reach higher levels of success and prosperity. We can do this by making an equity investment in businesses and partnering with them to strengthen the company’s market position, expand its customer reach and grow its enterprise value. Depending on the transactions, we may provide an equity investment, debt financing, or a combination of both to the business to enable its owners to further their growth goals or resolve any short-term liquidity requirement.

We strive for a win-win outcome and ensure each transaction is accretive for both parties involved. With BCG as a partner, companies can have unfettered access to our principals and our vast network of expert relationships accrued over our more than 30 years in various industries. With offices in the U.S., China and Japan, we can also assist companies to tap into a broader customer and/or capital base through our global reach.

More specifically, BCG works with underserved market segments mainly in South Florida, Shanghai and Tokyo, which are the targeted locations for which our principals have extensive experience serving those areas. These geographical areas also happen to have tremendous potential for business growth and ingenuity.